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Fa'atasiga o Uso's we are a 501c3 charitable organization.


The Gathering of Brothers bringing light to the darkness we once lived by empowering out communities and educate the Youth against hate. Providing resources for the chemically dependent, justice involved individuals and system impacted families.

Our Vision

The FOU Movement began with a daily prayer and devotional text thread a year ago. We met together and realized that we all felt the same shame for the example we left to our young Samoans.

We had great examples in people like Big John, Wally Rank, Faikiki Simi and James Foisia to name a few.  But we chose the streets over books; gangs over church. 


Today,  this band of brothers are here to take our stand. We accept our responsibility for our youth, and are willing to work to undo the damage we have caused. 


We are descendants of Samoa rich in culture, faith, and family who believed the lie. We found ourselves enmeshed in the gang lifestyle and everything that is connected to it made us menaces to society. We, committed crimes in support of our colors and gave years of our lives to the prison system. 


Today, we choose UNITY and lay down everything that separated us as Uso’s. We are Uso’s of integrity and men of peace who look to GOD for guidance and purpose. With a spirit of resilience, we work toward our goal of building stronger communities for our children and grandchildren. We are men of passion who will stop at nothing until all of our neighborhoods are safe, every prison bed is empty and every Samoan heart beats as one.


Let this be our living amends with God as our guide and you all by our side. In the three dedicated areas of Recovery, Youth Outreach and Re-Entry, the FOU Movement will bring hope to our cities and fight for the good of all Samoans everywhere. 


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