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The FOU Movement works to achieve and reintegrate former prisoners into the community, reduce prison recidivism, and improve public safety through addressing the educational, employment, housing, and family relationship needs of prisoners re-entering society by providing support and connection to needed services in the community after prisoners have been released. 


Youth Outreach

To provide services for vulnerable children and youth which address their well-being, security, care, and educational needs, in a child-friendly environment. To empower youth with life skills and education to enable them to be gainfully employed and/or self-sufficient. To support families of vulnerable children in need, promote family reunification, and contact with family and friends.   



Through our own life experiences, we understand the importance of staying connected In our struggles and addictions, we tend to isolate ourselves from those we love. The more we come to understand the process of our addictions the healing will start by sharing our own life experiences with someone else. Only then, love and compassion will intervene in our life, and we will no longer feel isolated from society and those we love. It is our mission to lead by example as we also navigate through our own recovery, 


Overcoming the damage caused by addiction and living a life free from drugs or alcohol. The FOU Movement is to provide men with a safe, clean sober living environment. Allowing Residents the opportunity to develop life skills in a structured environment providing them the resources and tools required in their new journey of sobriety.

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