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Executive Board
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Valentino Luafamlemana

FOU Chairman

My name is Valentino “Tino” Luafalemana. I grew up in Carson California. Ex-gang member, spent over 10 years in prison, and dealt with substance abuse. I was introduced to the fellowship and the 12 steps of narcotics anonymous and have  been abstinent from ALL mind altering substances since July 11th 2019. I over see our Stayin’ FOUcus’d Recovery department. Our purpose is to create a safe space for individuals to get clean and sober. I currently work in Drug Treatment and attend school to obtain my certification in Drug and Alcohol counseling through CCAPP. Grateful to God for putting me in a position to help those who struggle with the same struggles I’ve struggled with. Blessed to be working alongside my Brothers of the FOU Movement to provide hope and encouragement to our community and provide resources for the chemically dependent, justice involved individuals and system impacted families.

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Peter Afemata

First Counselor

My name is Peter Afemata. I was born in 1979 and raised in Paramount, Ca. Son of Olomoana and Dora Afemata. I am the youngest of 8 siblings. Grew up around gangs. Started committing crime at a young age. Moved to Long Beach in 1994 and joined a gang called Long Beach Fam Bam. Graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School in 1997. Married Sabrina Westerlund and have 5 beautiful kids. Ahriyah, Ahlijah, Angelina, Ahqillez and Ahpollo. I am currently 1st counselor on the Executive Board of the FOU MOVEMENT.   I oversee the Youth Out Reach department. We focus on youth’s mental health and needs to succeed in life. Hoping to give them more choices in life than the limited ones we had growing up. Educating them on love and respect for their peers. 

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Bell Taulua

Second Counselor

My name is Bell Taulua aka Pineapple.I’m an ex gang member and I was in prison for 30 years.While in prison I was able to turn my life around but it didn’t come easy. I had to dig deep within myself,a lot of soul searching,commitment and dedication to be the best person I can be.Today I’m a Proud member of the FOU MOVEMENT. I’m on the Executive Board and 2nd Counselor. I lead the re-entry department of our org. I’m also a member of the Advisory Council for the Re-entry program in the city of Long Beach.I’m grateful and thankful that God has put in a position to be able to give back to our community.

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Mark Lilomaiava


Hometown: Carson | Wilmington

Time served: 11 years 2 months 9 days

-Managing Partner: Protect US Security Firm

-Managing Partner: Kiki Greens Distributions

Associates Degree in Business 

Happily Married

Favorite quote:

“The greatest tragedy is not death, but life without purpose” C.S. Lewis


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