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FOU passing out Turkeys & Groceries
Fou supports Tafuna High School
Samoan Gang Life in LA (Compton Projects) 🇺🇸

Samoan Gang Life in LA (Compton Projects) 🇺🇸

JOIN or SUPPORT FOU MOVEMENT Here: Today we meet up with some old-school Samoans who did many hard years in gangs and prisons. Their crimes were horrendous but they've decided to change their lives and move forward on a mission to keep the youth out of the gangs that they helped form. Join me for an eye-opening, heart wrenching, and inspirational journey. ► Website: ► Instagram: ► Youtube: ► Facebook: CUUHRAIG'S MUSIC ► ► Instagram: ► Youtube: BUSINESSES VISITED IN THE VIDEO ► Poly Grill & Bakery: ► Poly-Raggs store (Lucia): ► Samoan Market: ► Join our community: ► Video edited by: Natalia Santenello ► Researched by: Kymberly Redmond SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL ✅ ► PayPal: (one-time support) ► Patreon: (monthly support) ► Subscribe: FOLLOW ME 📸 ► Instagram: ► YouTube: ► Facebook: ► Website: ► Twitter: OTHER VIDEO SERIES 🎞️ ► Native Americans🇺🇸: ► Alaska 🇺🇸: ► Cowboys&Ranchers 🇺🇸: ► Amish 🇺🇸: ► Hoods 🔥: ► Hasidic Jews 🇺🇸: ► Muslims in USA 🇺🇸: ► USA Border 🇺🇸: ► USA 🇺🇸: ► Iran 🇮🇷: ► Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦: ► Pakistan 🇵🇰: ► Ukraine 🇺🇦: ► Living With A Ukrainian Family Displaced From War 🇺🇦: ► India 🇮🇳: ► Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬 : ► Belarus 🇧🇾: ► Kazakhstan 🇰🇿: MY GEAR 🎥 ► GoPro 8: ► IPhone 12 Pro (for B-Roll): ► Laptop: ► SD Cards: ► Tripod: ► Drone (I use sparingly): ► Hard drives - Fast/expensive: - Slower/less expensive: ► Backpack - Men’s: - Women’s: NOTE 📝 ► This description contains affiliate links for products and services that I believe you my audience might receive value from. Each purchase through an affiliate link gives me a small percentage of the sale. Thank You All!!! All rights reserved © 2023 Peter Santenello
The FOU Movement
Gang Life And Consequences If We Only Knew?

Gang Life And Consequences If We Only Knew?

🧿 Uso Bell Taulua who is in charge of re-entry and coordinator for F.O.U. (Faatasiga O USO’s) which In #Samoan translates to The Gathering of Brothers. #Uso Bell Speaks On Gangs, Consequences and Healing. These brothers are Ex #Convicts giving back to their communities by going out to the streets and giving their stories and experiences with gangs and #prison in hopes that they can deter someone from going down that same path. Some of these brothers spent 20 to 30 years straight in the #foumovement #California #Prisons. You know what it is.. STAY TF OUTTA TROUBLE 👊 Listen To The Full Podcast Episode on 30TOLIFE UNLOCKED Available on Spotify, Anchor and Apple Podcast. 30ToLife Unlocked Episode #3 w/Bell Taulua (aka Pineapple) Spotify: Spotify: Anchor: Apple Podcasts: 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻 YOU CAN SUPPORT THE CHANNEL BY SUBSCRIBING. OR BY ✅CASH APP: $30tolife$30tolife ✅ Send your questions to : 👇👇👇👇👇 ✔️Email: ✔️Instagram: ✔️Facebook: ✔️Twitter: Links to similar videos Link: Link: Link: #30tolife #gangs #consequences #healing #lifeinprison #prisonchannel #prison #prisons #california #podcast #prisontalk #gangs #losangeles #LA #gangbanging #savethehood #samoangangs #tongancripgang #sonsofsamoa #pacificslanders #samoa #convicts
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